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Where It’s At #1
July 19, 2006, 1:27 pm
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Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing. 

Middle book in the Border trilogy, brilliant mid-20th century Mexamericana full of landscapes and hardships and boys becoming men 


Johnny Dowd – lots of albums

The most fucked-up of the different voices lumped together as ‘’ or whatever the hell. Very warped, very junkyard-noisy but full of noise and imagery and sadness.

The Tiger Lillies – lots of albums

Much more than the amusing scatolo-cabaret act I’d pegged them as. Like a gypsy / Brechtian spin on the kind of sailors’n’midgets subjects Tom Waits deals in.

Burial – Burial

I’ll spare the world another blog entry on dubstep. Suffice to say this is beautiful and haunting and funereal and involving.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band / Rebirth Brass Band / Preservation Hall Jazz Band – various

Lots and lots of New Orleans jazz – funeral marches and gospel songs and other ‘Big Easy’ classics. This stuff is magnificent.


I’ll bang one of these ‘Where It’s At’ posts up every now and again, if nothing else because it’ll serve as a kind of aide memoire of my own passions..


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