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Where It’s At #2
July 26, 2006, 5:57 pm
Filed under: Where It's At

Ashamed to say I’m still reading the Cormac McCarthy book – it’s too hot to concentrate so I’ve been reverting to my usual culture slut tendencies and just reading magazines. Book reviews are especially good – saves all the effort of reading the bloody things, I can get a decent precis AND have an informed opinion for precisely no effort.

 Been hammering my soulseek connection lately though, very excited about new music (or new to me) again after a period of resting on my back catalogue laurels (the Handsome Family were getting, ahem, ‘rinsed’ in my house for the longest time).

High On Fire – Blessed Black Wings
this is an IMMENSE album. As a mate of mine pointed out, it’s hard to work out if I’m giving something that normally wouldn’t bother me – a kind of ‘none more black’ metal / stoner hybrid – ear-time simply because it’s been touched by the hand of Albini, but who cares? It’s really very very fucking heavy and in this oppressive heat it breaks up the ennui!

Outputmessage – Nebulae
lovely clanky old skool beautiful electronic wibbling. God, describing dance music is a pisser, isn’t it?

The Klaxons – The Bouncer
It’s a pretty shoddy idea – a kind of noisy indie percussive take on the Kicks Like A Mule classic. But bugger me if it doesn’t work a treat….

In addition to hammering soulseek, i’ve also got myself a shiny new 8mbps broadband connection and I’m slowly coming to terms with the dark arts of bit torrent and DVD authoring (fuck me, that stuff is complicated) so I’m downloading both all the multiplex movies I didn’t risk my hard-earned on AND the arthouse classics I’ve never got round to watching. In summary, The Island is absolute toilet, possibly the worst film I’ve seen (and I’ve seen Shakespeare In Love AND American Beauty, so I know what I’m talking about). And Come & See (Idi i Smotri) made me want to chew off my own feet at the sheer horror of it all.

So that’s nice.


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