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Endorse It? I’d Recommend It To Anyone…
August 2, 2006, 11:11 am
Filed under: Dancing

we’re unreasonably excited by the Endorse It! In Dorset festival in our house, you know..

It’s been running a couple of years as far as I know, but hadn’t really appeared on my radar until I found out that a band I used to know very well from my days back in Dorset – the mighty Pronghorn – were organising it.

By all acounts it’s a lovely little festy – very late 80’s in vibe (look at that line-up) and since I know increasingly large numbers of people heading down there, I think it will be one of the most ‘sociable’ festivals I’ve been to. There’s not a whole lot to do, really – 2 stages and a ballroom running all night – which is in some ways a good thing. Less trudging and poring over running orders, more drinking and chatting with old friends. Having said that, a fair bit of roots and lovable old crusty bands to enjoy..

The PROD crew (well, myself and Ailsa and two other friends – PROD in a diminished sense) are running two nights in the aforementioned Ballroom – the Friday we’ll be staging a Juke Joint (with a nice long slot of about 6 hours) and the Saturday I’ve managed to divert the intended Northern Soul night (which would have stretched my record collection badly) into more of a general 60s / mod / Motown / Northern / Bluebeat / Ska / Psyche kinda deal, which should be a lot of fun.. We’ll have two Actionettes in attendance too, to add to the fun..

I’ll report back when it’s over, but I think it’s definitely worth heading down for.

I mean, come on – Here & Now!!!!


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