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Why Being A Chemical Dustbin Is Bad
August 14, 2006, 4:32 pm
Filed under: Dancing


.. so there I am watching a one-off RDF / Military Surplus reunion gig at Endorse It! Festival and I’m a bit pissed and other things and two nights of DJ-ing for six hours plus have taken their toll so I’m not at my sharpest and this bloke in front of me is talking to me and I’m not hearing him because the music’s loud and I’m a bit mutton anyway these days so I’m just nodding and eventually he holds out a baggie full of powder, the regular money bag baggies everyone keeps their drugs in so I figure ‘why not’ and I lick my finger and go in for the dab but the powder’s grey and bitty and it’s then I realise that he’s telling me the powder is the ashes of his dead friend who was going to the festival to see RDF but died so they’re scattering the guy’s ashes during the gig and jesus fuck I was seconds away from ingesting a dead bloke’s remains and I try and conceal my horror / grim amusement and look totally solemn as I scatter some ashes like I’d known all along that’s what I was supposed to be doing so there you go, kids, look before you dab.

As you were.


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that’s beautiful, just beautiful. i shall be retelling that one, and possibly over time it will be retold and added to and become legend…..

Comment by broken yolk

Oh dear 😦

Comment by Herbsman.

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