All The Pretty Horses…

Hippy Filth
August 15, 2006, 10:49 am
Filed under: Listening

The problem with having a lot of music is that you can manage not to play something for a very long time, which is all very well except that this can leave your older passions unexamined…
You might, for instance, still think that Here & Now were a good little festy band, not at all as vile as Gong or the rest of their ilk, and you wouldn’t mind at all having this album taking up shelf space.

But then you find yourself at a festival having a great time until Here & Now take the stage and you want to gouge out your eye with a spoon so you can use it as an ear plug.

The above album no longer takes up any shelf space at all, but is heading for landfill somewhere.


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I’m surprised they’re still going, to be honest, after the upbraiding experience of having a cider-addled fool 😮 staggering up to them after their Glasto set a couple of years back, gesticulating haphazardly, and telling them that their performance made her believe that her whole life had been one big false memory syndrome, after she had spend more than 25 years eulogising their 1978 performance at Deeply Vale. Don’t take drugs, kids.

Comment by moose

excellent stuff 🙂

Comment by dubversion

Send it and any other hippy shit you don’t want to the landfill that is my flat. Can arrange connection next time I’m in Babylondon, but that might not be for months … 😀

Comment by Velouria

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