All The Pretty Horses…

September 10, 2006, 1:34 pm
Filed under: Listening

They’re gonna to think I’m obsessed.. and maybe I am, but I just have to give more props to The Kleptones. You really have to hear this stuff, if you haven’t already. They’ve saved the mash-up / bootleg from the cheesy ghetto it was fast sliding into by being wittier, more eclectic and just more audacious than anyone else I’ve heard, AND done it with skill (a lot of bootlegs are just about the idea, and the execution always sucks.. ).

There’s a heap of downloads here, including torrent links which is best for their server charges so use them if you can.. As well as general bootlegs collections there’s some really crazy stuff going on with, for example Yoshimi Battles The Hip Hop Robots, which is exactly what you might imagine it is. That’s the other thing about them – they have fucking good taste (although they seem a little over-fond of the wretched T-Rex, who just set my teeth on edge whenever I hear them.. ). A whole heap of really well chosen audio snippets link the tracks as well, which suggests a lot of patience and minds like magpies.

So yeh – they’re better than your favourite DJs, you might as well give in to Kleptonemania now.


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