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January 9, 2007, 3:23 pm
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so what have I been up to these last few weeks? After getting an official stamp of invincibility from my consultant (although it took a frankly nasty ‘procedure’ to get it) I’ve been..

*To see the Broken Family Band, Half Man Half Biscuit, Leatherface, Snuff and Wat Tyler. Never let it be said I’m set in my ways when it comes to live music. Anyway, Leatherface are STILL better than your favourite band, and harder too. And not only were Broken Family Band as brilliant as ever, but my cowboy shirt bizarrely won Jared and myself a slot at What’s Cookin’ in Leytonstone next week (the debut appearance of our new Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club incarnation)…

* Devouring Cormac McCarthy (The Road will leave you in bits, No Country For Old Men will leave you scratching your head), easy-to-dip-into books about London (Iain Sinclair / Cathi Unsworth / Smoke), Frida Kahlo’s biography (the Herrera one). And all the usual end of year chart rubbish..

* Watching Deadwood obsessively – all those claiming it as the best TV show ever were pretty much on the money, it’s astonishing. Each episode has the script, story arc, production values and enjoyment levels of a good movie, and there’s 36 hours of it. Never seen anything like it (although I’m told The Wire – to which I’ll be coming next – is even better. I’d barely credit it, save that the people claiming this are largely those who alerted me to Deadwood in the first place).

* Not quite sure WHAT I’ve been listening to lately. I realised the other day there wasn’t nearly enough reggae in my house these days and sat down and d/led every single Auralux, Pressure Sounds and Blood & Fire album (I have most of them in some form or another but i felt like being completist about it). Also been listening to a lot of archaic country (especially Sons of The Pioneers), and the usual random selection of other stuff – Grinderman, Joanna Newsom, McLusky, Puerto Muerto, Aretha Franklin, Burial, Ute Lemper, Beirut and Scott Walker all spring to mind.. Oh, and some Texan hip-hop – very wonky, cough syrup is BAD.

* Bought a couple of Kozyndan prints from the Baltic – he’s great, the Baltic is rather less so (great building with fuck all in it).

been slowly converting our living room into a Mexican cantina / grotto, largely inspired by dodgy movies and the live room at the Sheep Walk in Leytonstone where they have What’s Cookin’.

* a LOT of drinking.

So. How about you? How have you been?


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very well thank you! – good to see you’re blogging again… I can steal book and movie recommendations off you 🙂 been meaning to watch Deadwood for ages, and Cormac M – he rox

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