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MP3’s Got A Hold On Me…
March 21, 2007, 10:29 pm
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Despite being pretty much flat broke (see below), I’ve succumbed and bought one of these:

My last Creative Jukebox bit the dust and I’ve been without one for a few months, getting by on dodgy Radio 4 signals on my mobile phone. I was never that bothered by mp3 players until recently but something has definitely happened to my listening habits – so much of my music is downloaded (at least at first) and I seem to pretty much listen to the new finds continually, only sticking on old vinyl and CDs when I’ve got a gig coming up or I’m in another room.

This constant striving for novelty / trying to keep up / wanky fixation (delete as applicable) means that I don’t seem to ever ‘own’ music the way I used to, really make it mine and live in it for a while. Being locked into a headphones world of my own as I stagger and bus my way round South London is the only way to really immerse myself in stuff again.

I don’t need all the other shit it does – video player, stuff like that – although it does work as a kind of external hard drive which could prove useful when travelling: pics or vid from my camera can be dumped on the mp3 player (it’s 30gb!) and thus free up camera discspace.



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