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Industrial Publishing Is Commodification
April 11, 2007, 11:23 pm
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not long after I queried the absurd market for industrial music and artefacts, John Eden has begun his account of a systematic period of Ebaying, during which he sold (and presumably continues to sell) some of his more esoteric small press stuff – anarchist and occultist fanzines and the like. It dovetails quite nicely with my bit, really, and I enjoyed this:

 Occult means “hidden” and for my purposes here, this boils down to “a large number of customers who are obsessed with collecting things which came out years before they got into it”.

Reading of his mostly successful venture made me realise that a lot of the stuff I’ve amassed and simply couldn’t face getting rid of – a nearly complete run of Deadline comics, a bunch of old political, anarchist and music small press (including, yes, some Green Anarchist issues and more than one item touched by the hand of Eden) – might actually be worth something, and perhaps should go under the bed next to the pile of vinyl which (deep breath) “I wouldn’t want to take down to Record & Tape or wherever because I’d get nothing for it and I’d rather keep it, but if I found the right buyer might be worth a few quid”. IE, Shelleyan Orphan 12″s and a Sonic Boom album with a spinny-sleeve.

 And conveniently, Eden has also settled one small conundrum for me:

 “I worried slightly about being denounced for “recuperating” revolutionary texts for my own personal profit. My conclusion was that the downturn in the class struggle is not because of a lack of availability of 80s newsletters.”


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part two now up, featuring satan and rubber fetishism!

Comment by John Eden

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