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Taking Early Retirement..
April 15, 2007, 12:35 pm
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I think I’m probably going to hang up my headphones, reggae wise, more or less. Been thinking about it for a while – I find that I barely listen to reggae at the moment and when I do it’s all old roots stuff. Which is fine – I have lots of it, there’s lots more I don’t have and it still makes me happy. But the reggae slots I was getting, I felt like a bit of a fraud –  I just don’t hear much new stuff I like. I completely accept that this is as much – if not more – because I just don’t / can’t put the time in any more tracking it down and seeking it out, rather than because the whole genre’s turned shit overnight, but I just feel uncomfortable getting slots at the point in the evening where things are starting to get a bit lively and I’m faced with the option of either slowing things down with some roots or struggling through on a diminishing pile of recent 7″s…

So I’ll still probably do things at Unsound and the like, provided it’s a given that they won’t be getting the freshest riddims out of me or anything, but I’m definitely going to concentrate on other things.


The whole Randy & Earl thing is really early days but I’m loving it. Under the Randy & Earl name, we (that’s Jared and I) have still only done What’s Cookin’ a couple of times – and absolutely loved it. But in various incarnations – Lovely Mornings etc – we’ve played lots of festivals in that kind of style – soul, country, gospel, jazz, big band, all that. And I’ve done a fair few slots of my own playing the same kind of thing and it’s worked out great…

It makes me really happy, it’s still quite unusual and other people seem to enjoy it a lot. Now it looks like I’m actually programming / running a whole tent at Endorse It! Festival this year, pretty much on this sort of footing (the idea is for a mod / soul / ska / motown night, a big band / swing / lounge / 50s night on another) I really would rather go down this road I think…

It’s weird – it’s not like I’ve ever been much of a DJ, but I have got a lot of gigs over the years (must be about 6-7 years now since I was running Dubhammer Sound System up at the Windmill). At first, it was a bit of a laugh but as the slots got a little more high profile, the pressure was on to an extent and I used to worry about it a bit more. And there’s no point doing something if it worries you a bit, eh?

 So it’s out with Reggae Reggae Sauce and in with the Memphis Soul Stew. Or something!


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lightweight 😉

fair play to you for not taking the easy route though!

Comment by John Eden

Well, I found myself getting gigs that even among my mates I knew people better able to do them.. I’m still there for an old roots set or two, but i’m going to corner the market in Country Gospel Ska Soul Rockabilly (the other corner of the market that Lamarr hasn’t already got)..

Comment by dubversion

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