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April 21, 2007, 10:20 pm
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Step forward, Stewart Home, and prepare for recuperation..


Yes, the Guardian’s overview of 20th Century Literature (Time Lines) includes an essay by Nicholas Lezard about what it is to be a counter-cultural author, and how today’s counter-cultural author is tomorrow’s establishment set-text. After laying out his arguments about who is and isn’t countercultural (de Sade, yes – Kathy Acker, no – too knowingly academic apparently!), he comes to Home:

 Our current best outsider is Stewart Home, who puts a spoke in the wheels of success not only with his scorn for the conventional niceties of plot and character but also by giving his novels titles like Cunt. Stewart Home is easily the example you reach for first as a contemporary “alternative” writer – but he is so observant, so dedicated to his work, so usefully enraged by mainstream ethical considerations, and personally gentlemanly to boot, that he, too, willy-nilly, will end up becoming respectable one day.

So, the game’s up Stewart – you’ll be on a Channel 4 Top 100 Books About Skinheads On The Art Scene before the decade’s out.

(it’s worth noting, however, that it’s Acker’s pic that heads the page.. )


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he once said i was ugly in a magazine. i went for a curry with him once too, despite this fact. i now wish i had sullied his pakoras while he was in the loo.

Comment by brokenyolk

You could have been a talking head on the inevitable channel 4 show – “well, you know, i liked the way he meshed the Skinhead stylings of Richard Allen with a savage critique of the art-mafia in mid-90s London, but that didn’t stop me gobbing in his korma”

Comment by dubversion

His new book is out tomorrah!

Comment by John Eden


Comment by dubversion

No, “Memphis Underground”. 🙂

Comment by John Eden

I just finishd it yesterday and it is very good.

Comment by John Eden


Comment by dubversion

And not just because I get a mention in it either.

There is a very good blurring of identities, some great coverage of the changing face of London, some sideswipes at Death In June and even a couple of Lee Perry references.

I would suggest that everyone who reads this goes to the book’s myspace for more information, including a downloadable pdf excerpt of the book!

Comment by John Eden

OK, OK – it does sound fun

Comment by dubversion


Comment by John Eden

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