All The Pretty Horses…

Rave Or Die Rocked
May 7, 2007, 6:20 pm
Filed under: Dancing


despite management / promoter / venue hassles and the like, the Leadpipe crew did a fine job on Saturday.. we got DJ Wrongspeed in at the last minute to stand in for a missing DJ Scotch Egg, Shitmat was marvellous despite having his set truncated when the venue (in fact all the venues involved) chucked everyone out, only to let them back in AN HOUR later having weeded out the ‘all ages’ crowd… Thoroughly enjoyed my set, and it seemed to go OK (despite being astonishingly pissed). Lots of DJ niceness followed, especially Rory, Eltham John and obviously Deadlock who finished off.

There seems to be some rubbish politics  / flagrant capitalism trying to undo the best efforts of Leadpipe et al to build a cool little scene down in the New X / Deptford area, but Leadpipe are soldiering on regardless and respect is due for that. Hopefully won’t be the last thing I do with them, they’re sound!


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